The Lonely God

The Lonely God

At the top of the world
The Wind howls in protest
to the lonely god.
“End their pain” she screams.

But the lonely god doesn’t listen.
He sits on his throne
and stares down at his creation
with apathy.

The Moon glares at the lonely god
but says nothing,
he knows the lonely god will not hear.

The lonely god ignores the Moon,
and rests his feet on Creation
like a footstool.

The Sun chides the lonely god,
“It’s been long enough”
he mourns.

But the lonely god turns his back
on the Sun,
“Does the artist owe the painting?”
he muses.

The Earth begs the lonely god
for release.
Her bowls churn in torment.

But the lonely god only looks at her
with contempt.
“I created you in my image,
so too shall you suffer”.


Not for Me

Not for Me

Snow has melted.
Rivers bloated with run-off.
Sun shines brighter.
People smile with the Warmth of Hope.

Not me.

Spring holds no hope
for me,
no reason ahead.
Flower bloom
their fragrance bland in my nostrils.

Summer lies ahead.
Parties planned,
Graduations celebrated.
Cool waters renew Spirit.

Not for me.

Summer heat
a precursor to the Hell that awaits,
pain of burning Sun,
as taste of torture I face.

Still, it is nothing compared
to the pain I know now.
Loneliness since you left.
Pain since you last held me.
Despair I swim in.

No Hell will be worse than this.

The Buffet Line


Created by me in Terragen 2

There is a world in my head. Cotton candy clouds float just above the horizon, where the sun is setting, taking with it all the leftover moments I was not able to savor. Night lays out a delicious buffet of deserts shaped like opportunity. They do not last long. Time gobbles them down like a starving beggar. The moon hangs like a giant gumdrop stuck in the middle of a black velvet cake adorned with starry sprinkles.
Each pass through the buffet line fills me but never satisfies. The sun returns, having collected all the leftover moments on the other side of the world. It brings with it new moments to savor, replacing old, dried out dishes with fresh hot-off-the-stove tastes that fill the air with smells making me instantly hungry again. I rush to the line hoping to sample each dish, leaving no leftovers this day.