From the time I was young poetry is something that I have read, memorized, written, and listened to. My mother used to recite poems to us when we were young. She had her favorites memorized and I have tried to do the same. My intention with this blog is to promote poetry, and poets. I don’t care if you are a published poet or just write for yourself. If you have something you would like posted, and critiqued please send it in (sacrtc@comcast.net) and I will take a look at it. I will also be posting some of my own work. I do have a couple of books that can be found on Amazon or lulu.com (Sometimes I Think, and Chasing Sunsets). I hope you enjoy what you read here and that you join in on the discussion.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. THANK YOU!!!!!! You became my most treasured 30th follower today. Now we have love of poetry and the same amount of followers in common. 🙂

    • Hi, well thank you for this. I have been gone for a bit and unable to do much. Was there a deadline and what do I need to do if I still can? I’m a little slow sometimes. Thanks again.

      • I hate to bug you, well not really cause I like chatting with ya, but can you help me out with a couple of things? I think I understand what to do as far as posting and I have some bloggers that I follow who would be nice for the award. How do you get that award thing up there like you have on your site. Congrats on all the awards by the way. I know you deserve them. That is too cool. This is the first one I have been nominated for so thanks again.

      • Hi,

        If you click on the Sunshine Blogger Award image on my site, you can save & download the image to your computer. Then you can put it on your site; you have to go into your dashboard to widgets and go to “add an image,” then enter the url to the saved image. If this is confusing, don’t worry about it, just create a post about your award and nominate other bloggers. 🙂

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