The End

When the end came it was a surprise to everyone. The sky looked the same as it did the day before. The birds sang and the flowers bloomed. Clouds drifted lazily through a deep blue sky. Children played blissfully unaware of the precious hours they had left. Had there been a way to prevent it, they would surely have tried. The government would have made decrees, issued laws, setup shelters. They knew nothing though. Life, for a time, simply carried on. The people lived in what peace they were accustomed to. Businesses opened on time. Commuters complained about their ride to work. Babies cried. Lovers made love.

Those who had looked to the skies for their destruction for a thousand years would have been disappointed. It didn’t come from the sky. It didn’t come from the land. It simply…came. There was no buildup. No flash. No great explosion. They were there one moment, and not the next. In the wink of an eye an entire species ceased to exist. The remnants of a once great civilization were left behind. Monuments erected to powerful leaders still stood, overlooking empty cities. Artwork hung in halls no one would ever visit. Books on every subject imaginable began to immediately collect dust. Inventions that took lifetimes to perfect stopped working. It was as if, somewhere on a great computer that tracks the universe, someone simply highlighted the entry entitled “Man” and hit delete.

Pompous and arrogant as they were, they would have been shocked to learn that the other species that had shared the land with them gave no notice of the change. Birds sang. Flowers bloomed. Clouds drifted lazily through a deep blue sky.


This is a silly little story that I wrote almost entirely on my Kindle Fire. I got the idea after having to delete some characters I was making for one of my animation projects. Just got to thinking how easy it might be for God to just hit that key and start over.


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