I Dreamt of Roses

I Dreamt of Roses


roses (Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker)

It is the wind
that whispers to me.
My dreams hear your voice.

you call.

Finding you in your garden
picking weeds,
I watch till you speak.

“I have missed you.”

The weeds in my hands
turn to worms,
then spaghetti.
The garden is now your kitchen,
the roses, garlic bread.
You smile and I feel my heart swell.

The table is now my bed.
You sit beside me
and gently ease me back.
As you climb on top of me
my heart swells again,
the love exploding in my chest.
You gently kiss my cheek.

Opening my eyes to kiss you back,
I am greeted by a furry, yellow cat
sitting on my chest,
wanting to be fed.


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