Inspirational Blogger Award!

I was quite shocked to see that bareyournakedtruth nominated me for this award. She is a very talented poet and I am honored that she thought of me. Now let me see, seven things about me, I’ll try but you will probably be bored.

1. I am me
2. I am not you, though I would probably be happier if I was
3. I lived in the Panama Canal Zone from the time I was 7 till I was about 14. LOVED IT!!!!!!
4. I have been to the state championships for darts (yes darts, it’s fun and harder than you think) 19 times but only won twice.
5. I come in second place a lot, but I suppose at least I get there.
6. I have piloted a plane, jumped out of a plane (the third time the shoot didn’t open right), and scuba dived (dove? swam? IDK).
7. I am extremely afraid of heights (see #6), to the point that I get scared just thinking about it. Dang, yep, I’m scared now.

Here are some bloggers that I think are deserving of this here award thingy. In no particular order of course.


Jaywalking the moon

The wuc



Thanks again to everyone that reads, likes, comments, follows or just plain enjoys my work. Without you all there really is no point.


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