Thirty Years Gone

Thirty Years Gone

For thirty years
you were by my side.
Through every change,
every move,
you never complained.
You never told me I was foolish,
or called me names.
You only wanted me to touch you.

For thirty years
you traveled the world with me.
Australia, Sri Lanka, Mexico.
You never asked why
nor wanted to go home.

For thirty years
you were my friend.
Whenever I was sad
You would let me hold you
and you would sing my tears away.
You never asked for anything
except to be kept warm and safe.

Now after thirty years
you are gone.
Packed up and shipped off
to a new life, a new world.
I said goodbye the best I could.

For thirty years
I loved you,
and never knew how much.

Yamaha SG200

My friend of thirty years.
















Now a little rant if you will indulge me. The last couple of years has been pretty rough, my mom passed away a little over a year ago, my son quit college and came to live with me again (is good and bad), my dad moved to Texas then had a stroke (he is doing OK now), I lost my best, best, best friend ever (I still have not recovered from that one) and yesterday I shipped off my guitar. I had her for thirty years. It is funny how we get attached to things and sometimes don’t even know it. I was all excited because I got a good price for her, but when I left the packing store I started to cry. Thirty years have gone by and one of the only things that has never changed was her. She was always with me. I was never very good but she didn’t seem to mind. She just waited for me to play. I know it is silly to be so sad over such a thing but it means that my life has changed, yet again. Never again can I go home and play till my fingers bleed (yes I have done that). I have never had a time when I was still sad after playing her. I know it isn’t really the guitar but the memories and the fact that I am just that much older (still not old yet but I can smell it coming). I do have some wonderful pictures of her so I will be able to remember. Well thanks for letting me rant, I wish I felt better. Life is what it is and mine is really not all that bad, I’m just a sentimental man (sounds like a song). And to my friend (you know who you are), please come home. I promise no more rambling like this one (well not until the next time I ramble).


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