Worthless Snow

Worthless Snow

Gray clouds let lose their tears.
It was cold enough to turn them to snow,
to warm to let them last.
It was a worthless snow.
The flakes were doomed,
dying as they hit the ground.
It lasted less than half an hour,
and did little more than snarl traffic.

I watched the flakes as they fell.
I was one with them.
They knew their doom, as I know mine.
My life is little more than snarled dreams,
and melted hopes.
Still, I loved them for what they were.
Only in my life for a short time,
they made me smile.

Perhaps, somewhere, someone smiles for me.
I will keep on…hoping.

Yes I am a bit whinny and down and feeling sorry for myself. Isn’t that part of what poetry is for?


3 thoughts on “Worthless Snow

    • Thank you for the comment. You are correct in a way. In my mind, however, it was worthless in the sense that it didn’t live up to its potential and did not accomplish what snow is meant to do. It is just my odd way of looking at things. Plus I thought the title was catchy.

      • A lot things never live up to what others expect, sad but true….sadly I have been one who has fallen short myself on several occasions….and you are correct, it was a catchy title….Thanks for sharing your thoughts and words, I always appreciate them.

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