Hollow Tree

A hollow tree at For Mar


She hides her treasures
in the trunk of an old tree,
putting them there to keep them
from her brother.

He cares nothing for the rock
that she pretends is a diamond,
or the empty bottle that doubles
as a love potion,
or the rag doll that is her best friend.
He cares only for the power
he holds over her.

It is from him that she will learn of men.

She will learn of pain and abuse,
of neglect and abandonment.
She will learn to be small
and quiet.
At night she will hide in her mind.
During the day she hides, when she can,
with her treasures.

The men she will love in later years
will be silhouettes of her brother.
They will teach her again the lessons of her youth.
With each she finds a new hiding place.
She endures what she must,
and runs when she can.

The lessons were passed to her brother
by the father she never knew.
She dreams of a better life,
one where the lessons are gentle
and she is loved,
but when she wakes
she runs straight into the arms of
her brother’s clone.

She knows no other type of man.


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