‘Twas a Minute Til Postime

Horse Racing

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‘Twas a minute till post time

‘Twas a minute till post time and all ‘round the track,
The jockeys were bustling as they checked on their tack.
The betters all clung to their slips with great care,
In hopes of a winner and profits to share,
The horses were nestled all snug in their gates,
Now only moments more the crowd it must wait,
My girl in her bonnet and I with my gin,
Had just settled into our seats with a grin,
When out on the track, a bell split the air with a shatter,
And the horses were off, their hooves all a clatter.
Away to the front the number one flew like a flash,
He tore up the track and left the others covered in ash.
The moon shown down on the track with a smile,
My horse was in last and had less than a mile.
When what to my wondering eyes did I see,
But my horse make a move as he passed number three,
With a little old jockey whose crop wailed away,
I knew in a moment it must be Pat Day.
As they made the far turn and headed for home,
I leaped from my seat as my gray passed the roan,
Then he passed number two as if it were still,
And then number six as though he were running down hill.
He caught up to the leader who was still number one,
Then passed him on by as though shot from a gun.
As he crossed over the line well into first place,
You could tell who I had by the smile on my face.
My girl gave me a kiss as I held her quite tight,
And I thought to myself what a great end to such a great night.

Merry Christmas to all and may you have the happiest of new years!!!!!


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