The Buffet Line


Created by me in Terragen 2

There is a world in my head. Cotton candy clouds float just above the horizon, where the sun is setting, taking with it all the leftover moments I was not able to savor. Night lays out a delicious buffet of deserts shaped like opportunity. They do not last long. Time gobbles them down like a starving beggar. The moon hangs like a giant gumdrop stuck in the middle of a black velvet cake adorned with starry sprinkles.
Each pass through the buffet line fills me but never satisfies. The sun returns, having collected all the leftover moments on the other side of the world. It brings with it new moments to savor, replacing old, dried out dishes with fresh hot-off-the-stove tastes that fill the air with smells making me instantly hungry again. I rush to the line hoping to sample each dish, leaving no leftovers this day.


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