Have you ever had one of those days,
when you are so sad you can hardly breath,
you are so tired that sleep eludes you?
The type of day where you are so sick of it all
that you just want to end it,
but you don’t have the courage,
you want to run away,
but you have no place to go,
you look for a friend,
but all you find is an empty glass?
Do you ever have that type of day?
I do. Just wondering if I’m alone.


2 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Oh my dear friend you are not alone! I think at one time or another everyone has had one of those kinds of days, some more often than others, no you are not alone, and just so you know…next time you look for a friend and find an empty glass, use the bottom of the empty glass to look thru to find my number!

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