My Princess

My Princess

Hazel green eyes.
(green eyes are always my favorite)
Soft red hair.
(even though I argued it was brown)
Long veiney hands.
(the veins a direct connection to her heart)
The slight goofy bulge of her nose.
(I love a goofy nose.)
The subtleness of her breasts.
(small breasts conceal the warmest heart)
The way her legs strode with confidence.
(I could never match her stride)
The necklace that lay gently on her chest.
(that necklace was always happy)
Blouses with long, lacey sleeves.
(the lace as soft as her skin)
The crown she wore but no one else saw.
(she will always be my princess)

This one is a little iffy but it means a lot to me.


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