I Found A Memory,

I Found a Memory,

hiding in a dusty corner,
scared, shaking, alone.

Sure I had cleaned every corner,
taken all those memories
and locked them away,
it startled me.

It was a small thing,
nothing more than a note
to say “good morning”.
It was easily over looked
as I cleaned house,
making ready to
move on.

I bent to pick it up,
to comfort it, to hold it…

it bit me.

Howling in pain
I dropped it as I bleed tears.
It scurried under the bed,
curled into a ball trying to hide.

I tried to coax it out,
speaking softly of its brothers
and sisters,
of other memories I had locked away
but not forgotten.
I wanted to save this thing,
this tiny, helpless thing that had
wounded me so.

After a time it came to me,
slowly climbing into my hand.
Stroking it, my wound stopped bleeding
and the memory fell asleep.

Now it follows me everywhere,
never letting me out of its sight.
I don’t have the heart to lock it away,
so I stroke it and feed it
what scraps I can.


13 thoughts on “I Found A Memory,

  1. I love this and want you to know it is a theme I have carried in my poetry through out the years! I love how your memory, once freed and calmed, bacame attached to as well as you to it! Incredibly adorable and original! A keeper!

  2. dang…nice personification of the memory…like a little scared pup it did nto want to be put away…at least it seems nice enough to want to sitt in your lap….i guess it could be a snarling monster following you everywhere…

  3. This is an excellent and original piece–I swear I’ve done this myself–stumbled on a memory I really thought I’d thrown away years before–the things have sharp teeth. Each stanza improves on the one before it, and the laconic, conversational style is perfect. Good stuff.

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