The Dancer

Woman at left is painter Suzanne Valadon

Image via Wikipedia

The Dancer

You dance
as if the stage were your home.
Gliding like an angel,
your song fills the air
with beauty,
and hearts with joy.
Your characters live a life,
through you,
they have never known.

Off stage you are
more beautiful than your characters.
Your smile lights the room,
your eyes warm the soul,
your “thank you” makes the day.

On stage the audience
laughs with you,
cries with you,
lives through you.

Off stage you are


14 thoughts on “The Dancer

  1. Agree with Joy – your words enhance this beautiful painting – which I have seen. Always loved Renoir. I have two large copies on canvas staring at me now. They face impressionist paintings done by my Grandfather who studied in Paris at the time of the impressionists. He became a professional muralist when he came to the US. I love the dancing quality of your poem. It made me happy. (And today I needed that shot of sunshine, thanks!)

    • Thank you. I find it quite interesting that the painting has gotten more attention than the poem. I can understand it, the painting is by a master, while the poem not so much. Thank you for the nice comment, it really makes my day!!

  2. is great when those that are adored on stage can be so off it and not just be a pretty face hiding something much darker…a breath of fresh air today…

  3. The painter is Renoir, who was excellent at giving a picture of a living breathing woman in the glow of his brush. Your poem does much the same, painting a warm pastel picture of someone loved and lovable.

  4. I don’t recognize the painting, but recognize the style…. It is most certainly a Renoir, isn’t it? His work absolutely unearths me….. and I’m not an artsy guy…. but there is something about the way he captured life, almost like Norman Rockwell…… Her dancing away in her pink gown and red whimsical hat, stealing away his entire attention…… I have two prints of his work in my home… my prized possessions. And how wonderful next to your lovely poem…….. well written…… I enjoyed this a lot….

      • Sorry, just realized that I spent more time talking about the painting then your poem….. Your poem is lovely, it brought to mind a ballerina I once read about as a child, a truly lovely memory. Dancers, ballerinas, opera actors do fill me with that life you mentioned, it’s an audience transference, for the length of the show we do live though them.. It’s beautiful….

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