Waiting For The Bus

Tousled hair,
Cracked lips,
Wind-burned cheeks,
Ears turned red,
Numb fingers peek through tattered gloves.

Standing alone,
Frowsy clothes,
Pants too long,
Shirt too short,
Rain sneaks into worn shoes.

Laughter all around,
Wishful smile,
Timid glance,
Step back from the crowd,
The will to fit in, the fear too loud.

Shoved aside by the line,
Books fall,
Water splashes,
Bus doors open,
A sigh, a step, another day starts.


6 thoughts on “Waiting For The Bus

  1. Well it really brought back memories of cold wet and snowy morning on the way to school. Often the bus did not arrived and I ended up walking. I really think you have clicked it here!

    • I was a little bit but not too much. This was actually written one day after I dropped my son off at the bust stop. There was a kid there that just looked real out of place. I thought about some of the things I went through and came up with this.

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