The Wind

I stood on a hill overlooking the ocean. Waves played at the shore like a child licking a piece of forbidden candy. The wind blew in from some far off shore. It made its way inland to destinations only it could understand. Stopping for a moment to inspect my form, the wind tousled my hair. It swirled around me for an instant, and then, bored with its new toy, moved on. In that instant I inhaled deeply, and with that breath I could see where the wind had been. I could see a small boy on the plains of Africa. He ran with all his strength pulling his kite behind him. His tattered shirt, barely covering his bulging stomach, flew out behind him as he ran. The wind circled the boy once, twice, then swooped down and lifted his kite high in the air. The boy’s smile nearly swallowed his face. I could see two young lovers on the deck of a ship far out to sea. They held each other close talking of times to come. The wind moved in and blew the young girl’s hair into her eyes. Her lover gently wiped it back, looking deep into her eyes. I saw a young girl running through a meadow. Her long blond hair raced behind her trying vainly to keep up. Her father stood at the fence waiting for her, his heart broken. He must tell the girl of her mother’s death. She could not see the tears in his eyes. The wind could. I could. The wind gently caressed the man’s cheek trying to comfort him. I could see the families in Colorado, huddled together against the cold and pain. The caskets were being lowered into the ground. The wind stayed an instant, blowing dirt into the graves as a tribute, and then was off again. I went with the wind as it nuzzled the cheek of a newly born child in the Siberian wasteland. The wind knew that on it’s next trip the child would not be there. Death plays no favorites. The wind was with me for an instant, then gone. In that instant I felt its joy and its pain. We are on this earth for a short time. The wind is eternal. It has traveled this world since the beginning. It has seen us at our best and at our worst. It circles the globe, screaming its fury, in the hope of finding an end, but finds only horizon.


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