Some Great Spoken Word Poets

This won’t be new to too many but it is something I ran across not too long ago and fell in love with. Spoken Word Poetry, or Performance Poetry is when poets recite their work in a more dramatic or theatrical way (for lack of a better description). They don’t simply read the poem they perform it. I am including links to a few of my favorites so you can get an idea if you have never seen this, or just enjoy them if you have. The volume is not great on some of these but they are still worth it.

Sarah Kay Performs Peacocks: Sarah is wonderful poet with such energy and life it is hard not to fall in love with her.

Rives: Levitate Rives, yep that is all there is to his name, is from California. He is a visual artist as well as a poet. Check out some of his other videos to see what I mean.

Jeanann Verlee performs “40 Love Letters” This one makes me cry every time I listen to it (and it is quite often), but that might just be me so don’t be afraid. It does have some rough language in it, though not very much. Just giving fair warning.

Take a look at these videos and you might find some other artists that you really like. If you find something that is just incredible send it along to me. I would love to find new things.


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