Journey’s End?

Journey’s End?


A can rattles down a lonely road,

driven by an unseen wind

towards dreams of its own.

The sound distracts me from my reading.

I watch as it clanks and clatters,

careening its way towards the future.

I envy the can its journey.


I catch a glimpse of hope

out of the corner of my eye.

It quickly fades as I turn to greet it.

It is not you. Just another traveler

passing by, just out of reach.

The can swerves at the last moment.

The road is lonely again,

save for the can and a tired man

remembering dreams of his own.


The Wind, in all its wisdom stops

for a moment giving the can a rest.

Then begins its gentle nudging again.

The journey continues in a haphazard path,

much like that of a man with no real destination.

A few moments later the can hits an obstacle.

The curb is too high for it to climb, the wind

to gentle to force it up.


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