We Ran

We Ran

The jungle was hot,
sweat poured into our eyes,
the salt stung,
our vision blurred.
We played in the heat of the
jungle and wore the rain
like a blanket.
Thorns reached out
and tore at exposed flesh.
Fluid droplets of red velvet
dried in the wind as we ran.

We ran despite the pain.
Our sides ached,
our heads throbbed,
still, we ran.
We ran for the sake of running
we ran because we could,
because we had to.
we knew that if we ever stopped
we would grow up.

We didn’t want to work like our fathers
or cry like our mothers.
We didn’t want to ache like our
grandma or grandpa
– so we ran.

We ran with our heads down
thinking only of the running.
We ran as fast as our underdeveloped
legs would carry us,
and when we finally looked up
we had run straight into our future.
The face that looked back at us from
the mirror was our fathers and our mothers
-And at the same time it was ours.

Now we watch as our children run.

This poem took third place in a contest at our local community college a few years back.


11 thoughts on “We Ran

  1. I love this, childhood slipping away…… suddenly finding that all you lived for and dreamed for met the inevitable anyway…….. coming to the age and realization that we are our mother and father, and running full circle, finding those same dreams and desires in our own children.. I just visited your poem “The Dancer”, because after reading this the first time I wanted to see what other things you had done. This one rises so far above even that lovely poem. This is entirely beautiful, reminiscent, and thought provoking….. very good job……

  2. Some of the world’s fastest runners began running in jungles and forests. But alas, none of us runs fast enough to elude time. Or will we reincarnate and get again and again the sheer joy of being in our own strong, healthy young bodies, running? Come to think of it, what am I doing, sitting here, inert in front of this computer for hours on end — when life is precious and all too brief?!?

  3. this is a fantastic poem – brimming full of energy and such a great feeling of freedom and being alive at the moment – i envy your couple and their suspension of worry and negativity – and i wish them luck as they grow older but i imagine them still running in the jungle when the kids have left home… just for old times sake ;~}

  4. A lovely piece of prose, too. No matter how far or how fast we run, we can never out run ourselves. This says it s eloquently.
    You need to go back to dVerse and re-do your link, for some reason it didn’t copy right and I had trouble getting here from the link you left. It kind of half doubled the link address to here.

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