Meeting Dad

Meeting Dad

Stopping at the edge of the drive
for fear of getting stuck,
we stepped from the warmth of the car
into the stark cold of night.
The Snow was crisp and hard.
We broke through the crust
like a hungry spoon
through Crème Brule.
Snow seeped through
the hole in my shoe.
My toes numbed from the cold.

“It is not far” you said.
My heart began to beat faster.
Was I ready to meet him;
your father?

I thought of stories you have told me.
I have laughed and cried with you.
He scares me, this man I go to meet.
I know he will not think me good enough.
You were his Princess first.

We walked arm in arm.
You leaned on me to support your weak ankle,
I held you tight to calm my fear.

“This is it” Your voice cracked,
just slightly.
“Dad I want you to meet my friend”
I swallowed hard and stood straight,
like you taught me.

I could not see his eyes
and gauge how he felt,
but I knew there was love for you
burning in them.
I felt small next to him
I could feel his strength.
I could feel his joy at your visit.
I wanted to shake his hand and say
“It is nice to finally meet you sir”.
but I could not…
so I helped you wipe the snow from his marker.

I wrote this after one of the most special nights of my life. I think it says what I felt pretty clearly. I was so very honored to share this with my dear, dear friend. I miss her terribly, but that is another poem for another time. Hope you like this.
From the book Chasing Sunsets by Steven Carpenter. Available through Amazon.


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