Swordfighting With Sea Urchins

Sword Fighting with Sea Urchins

It was mid summer.
Sand burned our naked feet
as we ran towards the cooling
waters of the Atlantic.

We thrust our stick-swords
into the ocean to fend off
the enemy advance.
Their spines parried our thrusts
in a slow motion ballet.
Hundreds lined the reef,
three of us defended the coast.

The casualties mounted as the
day wore on. Still the enemy advanced.
Our legs tired in the warm ocean waters.
Our arms ached from the battle.

Then in one nuclear blast the war was over.
My mother’s voice pierced the air
without warning.

The sand stuck to our wet
feet as we ran for the
blanket and the promise
of a full belly.

I lived in the Panama Canal Zone from the time I was 7 until I was about 14 or so. While the kids my age here in Michigan were playing in the woods and climbing oak trees, I was running through the jungle and climbing, well trying to, coconut trees. It was a wonderful experience and it comes through in some of my poems (I hope anyway). This one can also be found in my book Chasing Sunsets, available through Amazon.


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