“I don’t get poetry”

Over the last few days I have talked to some folks about my work and I got this reply a few times; “I don’t get poetry”. The people also said that they were not educated and just could not grasp the meaning. I find that sad in a way. You do not have to be educated to “get” poetry. You just have to read it and let it speak to you. One friend told me that they knew it was good but they didn’t understand what I was trying to tell them, they couldn’t get my meaning. I explained to them that poetry doesn’t really work that way. Oh yes, we have a story to tell when we write a poem, but the meaning is left to the reader. We read poems from our perspective. Each person brings their own experiences with them and the words will resonate differently based on those experiences. One should never try to find and exact meaning to a poem, and the writer should never be upset if someone didn’t get exactly what was intended. If you run across folks who tell you they “don’t get poetry” just tell them that they should read it again and not look for the meaning. Just read it and the meaning will come to you.


2 thoughts on ““I don’t get poetry”

    • Never give up my friend. If you love it and feel you need to write then write. It is never a waste of time to put words to paper and express your feelings. Poetry is not for everyone, but for those who love it, it can sometimes seem like almost the only thing. I would love to read some of yours if you want to share.

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