An Eyelash: From the book Chasing Sunsets by Steven Carpenter

An Eyelash

an abandoned feather
on stark, white, paper.
It lies there,
black and slightly curled.
Begging not to be brushed away,
to be heard,

Is it hers,
this girl who sits beside me,
child growing in her womb?
Her simple smile delicately
licks at satin ears,
her hand caresses

I look again
the lash is gone.
Its moment done.
In that moment I knew the lash,
and with it,

I wrote this poem when I was in a poetry appreciation class at a local community college. There was a young girl sitting in front of me. She was 7 or 8 months pregnant and she kept rubbing her stomach. She turned around during a break and was talking to me and the person next to me. When she turned back I noticed the eyelash on my paper. The poem came next.


14 thoughts on “An Eyelash: From the book Chasing Sunsets by Steven Carpenter

  1. This was wonderful.. truly…. you captured that intimate moment of the lash and the owner (of the lash) in a most heartfelt manner..
    I really like this..alot.
    nice to read your words..

    • Thank you very much. I am glad that you enjoyed it. Is New Zealand as beautiful as it looks in the movies? I know, strange questions but hey I’m a poet, you can’t expect normal. Thanks again for the nice words.

    • Why thank you so much. It is always nice to get feedback from someone with your talent (yes I read some of your stuff and it is good). And it is very nice to meet you as well.

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